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It is important to have the right material and equipment at the job site! Tools & Parts Supplies is a full-service tools and parts supplying company that provides necessary products to our customers all over the island of Jamaica. Our goal is to offer our customers a one-stop shopping convenience for all their electrical needs. We provide competitive prices whilst ensuring the superior quality of our products and services at all times.


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For over many years, we have been supplying many of the electrical industries’ finest companies with their job site needs. Contractors and homeowners have come to rely on our knowledgeable and competent staff to supply and service a wide variety of equipment. We are confident you will find that Tools & Parts Supplies is the team for you during all of your electrical needs.

If you are searching for a place with electrical tools and generators, visit Tools & Parts Supplies. We are the authorised distributors of all sorts of generators and electrical equipment. We carry a range of brand name generators and provide superior services at competitive prices.

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Whether it’s an industrial, commercial or residential set-up, who doesn’t want a smooth flow of work? You need quality tools and equipment to do your job without any hassle. We are your perfect choice when it comes to providing top-quality tools and equipment at the most affordable rates. Tools & Parts Supplies is a one-stop shop to provide you with the best quality generators, power tools, lawn equipment and other supplies. We also offer tool rental services for both short and long term needs. Our inventory is constantly updated with the latest products. Our customers can expect to find competitive prices and uncompromised quality always.

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